Ink quality and how it affects us.

If you treat your body the same way as your car, no need to read on. But if you find literally having motor oil in your veins undesirable, then you may think twice before going to the least expensive tattoo parlor in town. Some parlors cut their ink with motor oil, printer ink, and other toxic dyes to save money, at the eventual cost to you. If there are certain times you won’t regret vying for the more expensive option– getting a tattoo is one of those times.

Just as the food you eat affects more than your stomach, ink affects more than your skin. Getting a tattoo from a professional who uses the proper tools and dyes is relatively safe, but a cheap tattoo can be very dangerous, even fatal. Some of the ingredients in cheap inks can cause allergic reactions. Because of the nature of these allergens, you wouldn’t know if you’re allergic to it until it’s under your skin. Other dyes, such as the aforementioned printer ink, can cause cancer. So even if that No Regrets tattoo is spelled properly, and looks great, it could end up haunting you down the road.

In some cases, you may have no negative reaction to cheap ink day-to-day. It may look good, feel good, and possibly even fade slower than high-quality ink. But then you never know how it can affect you later. Say you’re in need of an MRI. MRI’s are big magnets, so once you’re under the big whirring machine all that metal underneath your skin would be drawn to it, whether or not you want it to be. Try to imagine laying there in the huge, claustrophobic machine, when suddenly, your skin tries to pull away from your body. Not a good day.

The bottom line: when it comes to anything penetrating your skin safety should come first and secondly, if you are getting a tattoo, make sure it’s done right. Find someone that you can trust, that others have trusted and can vouch for. Look for reviews from people who have gone there in the past, do your research, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about the products they use before you wear them around on your skin forever. Once those bases are covered, all that’s left to do is spell check that phrase, or girl’s name before you put it in ink.